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    Oilfield Services

  Being a manufacturer of power generation controls and high power electronic variable speed drive equipment, Joton must maintain qualified personnel to ensure our products are put into service correctly, and effectively. The wide range of specially designed power equipment sold, designed and manufactured by Joton means that our startup and service personnel must be versatile in the full scope of their knowledge.
  This can be of great benefit to customers that have not purchased any of our manufactured products. Our technical staff has knowledge in the following areas and can provide technical Oilfield service in these areas if you have equipment that is shut down from an unresolved failure, or just need to ensure the system is operating correctly.

  Areas of Field Service Expertise

  • Land Drilling Operations
  • Offshore Drilling Operations
  • Industrial Applications such as:
  • Marine Propulsion Station
  • Power Generation
  • Plastics Extrusion
  • Crane Hoisting applications
  • Metals Recycling
  • Paper Processing

  Oil drilling rig control systems services

  Power Generation Controls
  • NOV Ross hill AC control module
  • Woodward Products
  • Basler Products
  • GE Products
  • Most NOV Clone System Products

  SCR Drive Systems
  • Siemens 6RA Products
  • ABB DCS Products
  • Cutler Hammer Eaton Products
  • NOV DC control module
  • BOMAY TSC BODE Products

  AC Vendor Drives
  • Siemens
  • ABB
  • Schneider
  • AB
  • Eaton
  • Top drive


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