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    Xi'an Joton Petroleum Electrical Technologies Co,. Ltd. Is engaged in petroleum equipment electrical control and distribution system design, equipment modification, drilling electrical accessories and after-sales service, related spare parts sales, such as xi 'an headley, which is based on drill electronic business, developed suitable for sea, land, including desert, mountains, swamps, shallow) environment of rig electrical control and distribution system, the main products include: 1) 2000-9000 - m electronic control system of ac variable frequency electric rig 2) 2000-7000 m Electric control system of dc electric drill 3) various types of mechanical and electronic hybrid electric control system of drilling rig 4) communication mechanical drill, drill, drill, dc electrical hybrid drill driller room 5) communication mechanical drill, drill, drill, dc electrical hybrid power distribution system of drilling rig location 6) various vehicle drilling rig, workover rig, the cementing truck, with 7) electric control system of drilling rig net electricity transformation device, electricity generation of oil is also called the oil change.

    Drilling rig electrical control system of a high standard for the company laid a solid technical background, on this basis, actively expand into electric power, automation and other manufacturing industries, puts forward the concept of one-stop solution, can be customized to customers, the system includes: the generator control system, drive control system, power distribution system, PLC/DCS control system, instrument system, monitoring system, the operating console and so on.

    Xi 'an joton always adhere to the "customer first, quality in business, integrity services, continuous improvement" the quality policy, has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Established a stable and reliable supplier network at the same time, and with ABB, Siemens, schneider and other world famous electrical appliances manufacturer has established long-term strategic cooperative partnership. Based on the stable product quality and put forward the concept of "nanny service", relying on the group set up after-sales service throughout the rest of the world system, the service content covers the assembly and debugging, installation and service the whole process of operation, at the same time to provide training, technical consulting service and spare parts, ensure the normal operation of the customer equipment.

    Xi 'an joton adhere to the "become an international first-class, international leader in the electrical and automation equipment integrator" corporate vision, to fully implement the "people-oriented, standardized operation, innovation and efficient execution" of the enterprise purpose, advocating "the customer is supreme, professionalism, teamwork, integrity, responsibility," the core values, set up first-class marketing team, technology research and development team, manufacturing team and after-sales service team. At the same time, in the electrical adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the forerunner, take the independent research and development, production, joint development pattern, the optimization, improve and consolidate the existing products, on the basis of research and development of new products, continuously explore 36 now owns patents, is applying for 11.

    Sinopec, petrochina, cnooc, prolong oil field is the domestic market the company's main customers, products are exported to the United States, Russia, Egypt, Libya, Indonesia and other countries and regions.

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