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The encoder shaft coupling
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The encoder shaft coupling
The encoder shaft coupling
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The encoder shaft coupling
Encoder sensor
 Product Description

Coupling type:

1) rigid coupling (no compensation ability)

Flexible coupling (2) has the ability to compensate):

1 (non elastic element)

2 (elastic element) flexible coupling a non elastic element: this kind of coupling with flexible, so it can compensate the relative displacement of the. But because there is no elastic element, therefore cannot buffer. Commonly used are the following: 1 flange coupling (1) this is a common flange coupling, using articulation hole bolt connection, and by reaming (corresponding hinged Kong Luoshuan) bolt to bolt, rely on the shear capacity of the transfer torque. 2 flange coupling (2) this is a flange coupling using ordinary bolt connection, relying on the two half couplings combining surface friction torque.

3 flange coupling (3) which also used the flange coupling articulation hole bolt connection, but half coupling outer protective side, the structure is mainly to ensure the safety operation of the coupling.

The 4 Oldham coupling Oldham coupling belongs to flexible coupling; by two end face is provided with an intermediate disk concave slot coupling half and two with the convex teeth. The convex teeth can slide in the groove, the relative displacement between the two can be compensation installation and operation. Generally used in the speed of n is less than 250r/min, axial stiffness, no violent shock.

The 5 slide coupling slider coupling is composed of two grooved half shaft coupling and a square block, block material usually cloth hinge of wood. Because quality is small, the middle slider is elastic, can be used in high speed. The structure is simple and compact, suitable for small power, high speed and no violent shock.

The 6 cross universal coupling shaft universal coupling, comprising two fork, a middle connecting piece and a shaft. Coupling belongs to a movable, and allows a larger angle between two axes (angle up to 35 DEG -45 DEG). Compact structure, convenient maintenance, transmission systems are widely used in automobiles, long drilling machine.

7 gear coupling gear coupling consists of an inner sleeve with inner teeth and a flange two coat and two with external teeth composition. Rely on the internal and external meshing gear transmission torque. Gear profile curve of involute, meshing angle is 20 deg.. This kind of coupling can transfer large torque, and allows large offset, the requirement of the installation precision is not high, commonly used in heavy machinery.

Two flexible coupling of elastic element of this kind of coupling for elastic element is arranged, not only can the relative displacement compensation between the two, but also has the ability to buffer. The elastic element can more energy savings, buffer capacity is coupling is stronger; the elastic element of elastic hysteresis properties and elastic deformation and friction power between parts of larger, then the coupling damping ability better. This kind of coupling are now widely used, the breed is also more and more.

1 roller chain coupling the coupling is connected by a common double chain at the same time with the same number of teeth and two parallel meshing with the sprocket wheel to achieve the two half couplings.

2 pin coupling with elastic sleeve of the coupling and the structure of the flange coupling similar, just using the set of pin elasticity sleeve instead of connecting bolt. Because through the pupa shaped commonly used oil resistant rubber, in order to enhance its elasticity. Fit hole half coupling and shaft can be made into a cylindrical or conical.

The structure of 3 elastic pin coupling this coupling are shown on the left, working torque by nylon pin in the middle of the two half couplings and spread to the driven shaft. In order to prevent the pin fall, on the outside half coupling is fixed by the screw baffle. This coupling with elastic sleeve pin coupling is very similar, but the torque of great ability, simple structure, convenient installation and manufacture, good durability, also have a certain buffering and vibration absorbing capacity, allowed to join the two axes have a certain shaft displacement, suitable for axial movement of large, positive inversion changes more and frequent starting of the occasion, because of the nylon pin is sensitive to temperature, so temperature use range limit in -20 ~ +70 DEG C inside.

4 star elastic coupling halves coupler are arranged on the convex teeth, star shaped elastic piece made of rubber like materials, placed between the convex teeth of the two half couplings. When working, star shaped elastic piece by compression and transfer torque. This coupling allows the radial displacement of the shaft is 0.2mm and the angle displacement is 1 degrees 30'. Because of the elastic piece not only compression tension, working conditions have improved, so the longer life.

5 plum shaped elastic coupling the coupling as shown at left, and its structure and working principle and star shaped elastic coupling is similar, but the half shaft coupling and shaft fit Kong Ke into a cylindrical or conical, with plum shaped elastic piece instead of star shaped elastic piece. The elastic member can be used according to the requirements of the use of different hardness polyurethane rubber, nylon and other materials manufacturing. Operating temperature range of -35 to +80 DEG C, short working temperature can reach 100 DEG C, nominal torque is 16 ~ 25000Nm.

6 tire coupling tire coupling with rubber or rubber fabric tire shaped elastic element, both ends with plate and screws are respectively pressed on the 2.5 coupling. The coupling of elastic vibration, with consumption ability good, can effectively reduce the dynamic axial displacement larger load and compensation, and good insulation performance, running without noise. The disadvantage is the radial size is larger; when the torque is larger, because of too large torsion deformation and additional axial load. In order to facilitate the assembly, sometimes will tire out radial incision, but then the carrying capacity to significantly reduce.

The typical structure of 7 diaphragm coupling diaphragm coupling are shown on the left. As the elastic element of a certain number of thin multilateral ring (or circular) membrane group metal diaphragm folded, with a plurality of bolt hole in the circle of the diaphragm, with stranding holes by bolts alternately and semi couplings are connected. So the arc elastic element is divided into two parts by the interleaved compression and tensile tensile parts, transmission torque, the compression part tends to wrinkle. When the unit is the existence of axial, radial and angular displacement, then produces wavy deformation of metal diaphragm. Safety coupling (single cut, double shear) this coupling with the single shear and double shear two. This kind of coupling pin material mechanical properties due to the instability of the dimensions of manufacturing error and other reasons, resulting in the working accuracy is not high; and the pin shearing, automatic recovery work ability not, therefore must stop replacement pin;

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