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Welcome to Joton SCR Systems
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Welcome to Joton SCR Systems

For more than 30 years we have delivered professional and cost-effective services to the drillingpower generation and oil & gas industries worldwide.

SCR Systems

Joton Drilling Systems are complete, fully integrated Power and Control Systems, combining power generation, AC and DC motor drive technology and the very latest in top-side control and instrumentation.

Whether it be new build or refurbishment of existing equipment, Joton has the expertise and flexibility to provide best-fit engineering solutions and back them up with comprehensive after-sales support and training.

These systems are widely used in Land Rigs, Offshore Drilling Platforms, Semi-submersibles, Jack-ups and Drill Ships.


Joton Expands Training Facilities

Following the success of Joton's SCR training programmes and the world-wide increase in demand for world-class, 'hands-on' training, Joton are adding purpose-built SCRs, Generators and Drillers Consoles to their training facility in Bracknell, Berkshire.

The new equipment allows Joton to train raw and experienced engineers in maintenance and troubleshooting on real equipment in a safe and controlled environment.

The specially designed panels have been rigged to allow the training facilitator to introduce simulated real-life faults on to the equipment.

Zeefax Training SCR

For more information on Zeefax Training contact xajoton@hotmail.com or call +86 (0)29 86693861


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